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Photography may be used as a tool for exploring the world around us, either in a literal, analytical sense, or in a more abstract fashion.  The light of a given moment can be captured through the camera onto film or a digital sensor.  Many things that are not readily apparent to the unaided eye or the casual observer may be recorded in great detail and preserved to examine more closely at a later time or to share with others.  Macro lenses can bring a miniature world to life, revealing patterns and details not normally seen.  Special filters and digital sensors can unveil wavelengths of light not perceivable with the human eye, such as infrared and ultraviolet light, or polarized light.  Fleeting moments can be recorded in an instant.  I use these techniques to photograph subjects in nature or scientific principals as well as showing a different side to common objects.   Through my photography and art, I hope to explore and reveal hidden aspects of my subjects and share this exploration, so others can view and appreciate their intricate beauty.

  Tom Biegalski